Rock Harbor Lodge 2008 Opening Dates

We've heard from our friends at the Rock Harbor Lodge about their opening dates for the 2008 season. The Lodge will open its very popular Housekeeping Cottages on May 23. The Lodge buildings, which contain the motel-style rooms and and the Lodge Dining Room and Greenstone Grill will open on June 3. The wintertime number at the Rock Harbor Lodge is 866-644-2003. Also, you can visit the web site, which is posted in the right column of this blog. The photo is a shot of one of the decks on the four main Lodge buildings, which are located smack-dab on the shores of Rock Harbor. What a spectacular view in the morning -- any time of day, for that matter. It was just about perfect on this morning a few years ago when I snapped this shot of my wife Marsha watching the harbor and enjoying her morning cup of coffee. May and early June are superb times to be on the island, when it is actually still spring. The nights are wonderfully cool, the days gently warm. Long hikes at that time of the summer are great because you can get a deep, wide view of the terrain through the trees, which are not yet in full leaf. The Queen IV and the Lodge both offer Off-Peak rates, too, so it's cheaper to go and stay.

2008 Season Approaches

Just a short note to let everyone know that we are taking reservations at the office of the Isle Royale Queen IV for passage to the island in summer, 2008. Rates have remained almost steady, with just one small increase in one category. The Queen IV keeps getting better and better as the years go by and we keep working on her. Look for more improvements in 2008. The photo is of a cove along the Scoville Point Trail on Rock Harbor that I took a few years ago. It is one of my Isle Royale notecard shots. You can always order notecards by writing me on email, and we can make some arrangement for payment. I plan on getting some kind of web ordering system for our Isle Royale merchandise some time this year.

Captain Ben