A September Visit to Isle Royale

What a wonderful (though worrisomely dry) September it was across the Great lakes and up on Isle Royale. Things, of course, changed a lot mid- to late-fall. There were several storms and rain and lots of wind and wave on Lake Superior. In this post I want to alert my readers to some superb posts on another blog, Black Coffee at Sunrise, which is written by a Michiganian named Nina. This fall she put put up many excellent photos and lots of excellent commentary about her recent visit to IR. There is even a shot of wolves that she and her friend ran across on the Indian Portage Trail far in the interior of the IR wilderness. Nina was a little hard on our boat, perhaps, but opinions are opinions, and we appreciate her business sailing out of Copper Harbor on the Kilpela family's ferry. I have thoroughly enjoyed the hiking adventures of Nina and her pal named Craig. Here's the blog address so you can get an enlightening look at an Isle Royale backpacking trip. Thanks, Nina.