A Tree Finds a Home

Here's an interesting story -- being told on this sea stack that stands outside Rock Harbor along Laurel Lei Lane, the long, narrow cove that runs from Smithwick Island to Mott Island, which are Rock Harbor barrier islands. The stack is about 15 feet high. Notice the mountain ash tree, in bloom, which has found a place to take root and to flourish along a slight crack and slight incline on this nearly verticle mound of rock that faces Lake Superior. Moose love mountauin ash, but I believe this tree is safe from their browsing. I really enjoy finding these stories in the island forests and along the lake shore.

Dock in Tobin Harbor

Tobin Harbor, the Hidden Lake dock. This is the trailhead for the hike past Hidden Lake and Monument Rock up over the Greenstone Ridge to Lookout Louise, a popular and beautiful overlook of the northeast end of Isle Royale. It was a gorgeous day to be out in a boat on Tobin, which is a great place to canoe and kayak. I was hoping on the off chance to see a moose at the Hidden Lake salt lick, but I had no luck this day. The weather suddenly turned rather hot for mid-August over the past week, but temps have sunk back to normal levels in the past day or two. It was just a brief spell of true summer up here in the north country, and it looks to be all we're going to get, even though this has been a passably nice, if cool, summer, all in all.

Birches and Mists

Before it got warm and summery this past week, the second of August, we were going through a strangely cool summer (strange for the 1990s and 2000s, that is). Here's a bit of an artsy shot of Bat Island from Raspberry Island. The day I took the photo was a very cool day for late July, but I had a wonderful boat ride out to Raspberry Island and a nice hike exploring along the shore of this great island, where I came across a number of beautiful scenes in the moderately foggy conditions on an Isle Royale summer afternoon. We certainly have had few days like this in the past decade of summers up here on Lake Superior. A different kind of summer -- that suddenly changed to the more common kind of summer on about August 5th.