2008 Season Begins

The season has begun. The Isle Royale Queen IV made its first trip of 2008 this morning at 8:00. There was a period of windiness yesterday, but the nor'easter that kicked up its heels for a time settled down in the evening. This morning dawned fair and cold, with a light breeze out of the north. Waves were running only at one foot out on the open lake. A lot of people made the journey to the island on the first day this year. No doubt they'll be spreading out. This is a nice time to be on Isle Royale. It is only early spring right now. The leaves are not out; so the view through the forests is excellent. You are able to study the terrain to a great distance much better than in summer. Tonight will be very cool, I'm certain. The temperature along the lakeshore should at freezing, inland below freezing. The hiking during the day should be great, however. Some of the Lodge managers went out to the island today as well. They'll be getting ready for the opening of the Lodger in early June. Start making your plans. The photo is of one of the Lodge's very popular Housekeeping Cottages. Make your reservations for those units quickly.
By the way, I've been reading the new Nevada Barr mystery Winter Study, which is set during the winter wolf-moose study out on the island. I'll post a review shortly. I'm already hooked. The events are a little over-the-top, in the way of popular mysteries, but it's been a good read so far.