The Queen IV

I'm taking my regular shift at the helm of the Isle Royale Queen IV now that I've been up in Copper Harbor a couple weeks. This is a shot of me standing on Hunters Point across the Harbor from the dock in the center of town. That's the Queen IV, of course, in the distance. June is a great time to go to Isle Royale. People often ask -- almost every phone call -- about the best time to go. June is great because the lake weather is generally placid (though we did have a couple rough trips last week) and the weather is great for hiking -- and the island has fewer hikers and visitors and the bugs ain't bad at all and our prices are lower, too. But still people favor those last weeks of July and the first weeks of August despite all we do to get them to see that June is a great time to go. Think about it next year.

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Autry Family said...

Yes! Our family arrived June 18th this year and it was perfect timing in our opinions. We never did experience any black flies. It WAS wet, cold, foggy and even clear and sunny that week. But we think loving nature is loving weather too! I would recommend June to anyone. It was a great escape from our Georgia heat which started in early May!