Three Queens Published

Did you hear? My new book is out and available by phone from the Harborside Gift Shop on the dock in Copper Harbor. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of my parents' purchase of the Isle Royale Queen II, the book is entitled Three Queens: 1971 and the Kilpela Years at the Gateway to Isle Royale. It's an account, from my perspective (I was 15 at the time and served as a deckhand), of how my folks came to buy the Queen II and of the first summer they owned and sailed her on the run from Copper Harbor to Isle Royale National Park. In addition, the book tells the history of the boats that have run from Copper Harbor to the island and a brief run-through of our 40 years at the "Gateway to Isle Royale" (Copper Harbor, that is).

The book is much more than a simple laying out of facts. I wrote it as a story, a delightful tale of perseverance and success, with lots of touches of both comedy and sentiment. At the back, I have included reflections from both of my parents, Don and Betty, and even all five of my siblings -- Captain Don, Sue, Jo, Lisa, and Captain John -- on 1971 and what owning the ferry service has meant to each of them. Each reflection is a treat in itself, seven fitting capstones to the engaging tale of our family's history in the Copper Country and on Lake Superior. (Cost: $11.95. $15 by phone order, with shipping and tax included. Call 906-289-4437 to order by phone.) The photo is of the Queen II in 1971, when she was painted yellow.

Here are shots of the Queen III and Queen IV:


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