2006 Slide Show, Photo 14

The M/V Sandy passing by on Rock Harbor. The Sandy is the touring vessel of the Rock Harbor Lodge. It makes trips to various locations, near and far, on the northeast end of Isle Royale. I've taken many trips on the Sandy over the years and have always enjoyed Captain Ron Jeddda's narrations. The Sandy also makes a few trips up and down Rock Harbor as a water taxi, though the Lodge uses other, smaller, faster boats for that service more often. They can reach locations farther out on the island with their fast boats.

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Ben Kilpela said...

I've been re-reading Nevada Barr's "Superior Death" by listening to it on audio tape recently. It's better than I remembered. I thought of the book again when I was looking at this photo of the Sandy motoring up Rock Harbor one night. Though her mystery is implausible and strained and though she gets a string of little facts wrong, Barr did a good job portraying the island in popular fiction. If you get a hankering to read the book, look at my various slide shows (on blogger and on the Ben Kilpela web site) while you're reading and you'll get a really good feel for what she is describing.