2006 Slide Show, Photo 15

Oh what an evening it was! This shot was taken from the Tooker's Island dock one August evening, at about 10:00. That's Inner Hill Island in the distance and Rock Harbor to the right. Open Lake Superior is on the left, out of the picture. My Dad used to say always that one of the special moments on the Big Lake is when the moonbeams fall across the water. And here they are, caught on film. You can order this as a large print from me. I can even frame it for you. My daughter Miranda and I are going to be putting up an Isle Royale Store some time soon, with clothing and photos and other IR items.


copperqueenmir said...

Wow, what a great shot!!!

32 Degrees B said...

Tookers Island is amazing. I"m planning a 2-3 day stay with my wife sometime soon. just visited there about a week ago after a trip up on your boat!! great pic.