2006 Slide Show, Photo 1

Let's start out this year's slide show with a shot in Copper Harbor of the new Isle Royale Queen IV at the Queen dock in the center of town. 2006 was the first full summer of operation for the Queen IV. But notice the brand-new dock, which was yet another improvement to the service provided by the Kilpela family. We had a great year with the new boat. People seemed to be very pleased with the much faster service to the island -- just a little more than 3 hours one-way. And we took many more day-trippers to the island than ever before. She takes the seas a bit better, too, and people always appreciate that. The Queen IV is a little more than 100 feet long, tip to tip. We're considering more improvements in the next few years.

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copperqueenmir said...

wow, looks great! I cant wait to see how this works out. I am already thinking of pics of my own that I can post. -mir