2006 Slide Show, Photo 2

In July, I took a paddle by canoe out to Laurel Lei Lane (I'm unsure of the spelling, by the way) and visited the shallow, narrow gap between Shaw and Smithwick Islands. This shot is from Shaw looking northeast toward Smithwick on a spectacular Isle Royale summer day. That, of course, is a wood lily in the foreground. This is a favorite place for me on IR -- the whole of Laurel Lei Lane, I mean. (Well, perhaps I should point out that I have a hundred or so "favorite" places on IR, so I don't how meaningful the adjective is in this context. I suppose my favorite of favorites is the place I happen to be in at any one moment.) It runs from Raspberry Island on the NE to Mott Island on the SW about 4 miles or so. I am often found paddling out in the Lane on a summer's day. Shaw Island doesn't seem to get quite as much traffic as Smithwick Island. Shaw is almost all solid rock on its edges, as shown in this photo, whereas Smithwick has a few cobble beaches to land a canoe or kayak.

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32 Degrees B said...

I too just canoed Laurelie lane this last week. amazing fun. calm of the harbor on one side, huge rises and swells on superior side. the power of the lake and the insignificance of the human being is readily apparent when you are a speck on superior.