2006 Slide Show, Photo 5

A quiet evening along Tobin Harbor. It was late summer, and I was snooping for moose, and so staying very, very quiet. None were to be heard or found, but the subtle beauties of Isle Royale on a day of heavy cloud-cover were on display. I love and cherish these calm moments late on a gloomy day, just before the gloaming (to offer a bit of heavy-handed alliteration for all present and former English majors out there). There was hardly a sound, except for the occasional bleat of a loon or two far away up the harbor. It would rain a bit later, but these moments along this passage among Tobin islands near Thompson Island have become a special memory.

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Capt. Donald Kilpela Sr. said...

This is a great picture Ben. As you know, I have walked that Tobin Harbor trail many times in the distant past and have always found it perfect. All of my early picturers are on slides so I have to get them scanned to be able to add to this blog from time to time.